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Fairs & Events


La Molinera -
Fairs & Events

Roermonder Str. 258 a
52072 Aachen
Tel.: 0241-932 90 76
Fax: 0241-932 90 77

Our primary area of expertise is the planning and organization of trade shows for all industries.

Our services begin with a detailed consultation. From there we handle any paperwork required to register for a show. We also function as the sole contact point with construction and transportation companies as well as the show organizers. Our service includes planning of transportation to the site and lodging for the duration of the show. We handle the entire organizational details of your trade show presence.

During the kick-off meeting, we will focus on your expectations and objective you have for your booth. You describe to us how you envision your representation. Based on this framework we translate it into detailed recommendations and a preliminary workplan. Once you are satisfied with the concept, we will begin our planning phase. Throughout the engagement we will provide status updates as each milestone is completed.

We will coordinate all dealings with the booth construction firm. According to your preferences, we can recommend a qualified company or work with a company of your choice. We will handle all phases of the sub-contracting relationship. Usually this involves approving proposals, directing the design and the realization phase. Throughout it all we ensure congruency with your overall vision.Throughout the entire engagement, we are always available to answer your questions.

Prior to the event, you will receive a complete folder detailing all schedules, orders, client appointments, travel arrangements, reservations, etc.Upon your arrival, you will find turnkey delivery of your booth.
After the show, we are available for evaluation and assessment of the event.During the wrap-up meeting, we routinely discuss and evaluate planning and realization of the entire event with you.

Other services include consulting in the area of general organization.

Some examples are:

- Design of administrative support system architecture.
- Preparation for a QS.
- Organization of workgroups and professional associations.
- Planning and realization of events

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